Platform for Research, Observation and Technological Applications
in Solar Energy




In an era of accelerating change, the imperative requirement of climate change and achievement of sustainable growth, is strengthening the momentum of the global energy transformation. CSP technology is one promising technology that could provide heating, cooling and electricity. PROTEAS is an experimental facility, focused on Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology. Similar to all CSP technologies, PROTEAS is using mirror configuration to concentrate the sun’s light energy onto a receiver and convert it into heat. The heat can then be used to create steam to drive a turbine to produce electrical power or process heat.

CSP technology, in general, is capable of offering overnight heating, cooling and electricity without the requirement of batteries. CSP plants can integrate thermal energy storage systems for generation of electricity for hours after sunset or before sunrise. This ability to store solar energy makes concentrating solar power, unique, flexible and dispatchable source of renewable energy.

PROTEAS combines 50 Heliostats, and a Central Tower-Receiver, to produce 150kW peak Thermal power through Molten Salt storage medium. The power block is a typical Rankine cycle utilizing solar energy to generate steam for electrical power production. The power plant is an in-house design. The platform includes Thermal Desalination, a fully automated weather station, and 10kW photovoltaics, connected to the grid, for the proper functionality of PROTEAS.

This website is an introduction to PROTEAS platform. Everyone is welcome to visit and propose research activities, projects and ideas within the framework of PROTEAS targets.